Seaoil Philippines celebrates their 35th year in the petroleum business by launching its new fuel lineup powered by premium STP additives. The company has partnered with the world’s top fuel additives brand STP to offer performance that aims to break away from the rest with no extra cost to the customer.

“We envision this to differentiate the Seaoil brand in the minds of the consumers. We want customers to see our brand as one that can challenge the major oil players in terms of product quality,” said Mr. Glenn Yu, Seaoil president and CEO. 

The partnership with STP makes Seaoil the first fuel company in Asia to offer fuels infused with STP additives. The company is also currently the largest independent petroleum company in the Philippines with over 340 retail stations nationwide. The fuels powered by STP additives will be available in all their pumps regardless of grade.

“STP is very proud to be working with Seaoil here in the Philippines. Seaoil is the leading and largest independent fuel company in the Philippines and has been a leader in innovation throughout its 35-year history. We couldn’t think of a better partner,” said Jonathan Paluga, Vice President of Strategic Marketing and Business Developed of Armored Auto Group, owner of the STP brand.

Seaoil station upgrades

The company is also set to complete a nationwide station upgrade by end of 2013. The upgrades will feature newly designed signs and price boards, canopy improvements, and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Euro 4 complaint gasoline products

Seaoil also revealed that all their gasoline products are Euro 4 compliant from its entry level Extreme U all the way to its Extreme 97 fuel. The standard requires for a significantly lower sulfur content than the Philippine law mandated Euro 2 resulting in cleaner emissions, better engine oil life, and a better performing engine.

Cleaner diesel fuels

Meanwhile, its diesel fuels are also cleaner than the commonly available and law mandated Euro 2. The company offers diesel fuels ranging from Euro 3 to Euro 5 depending on supply contract according to Mr. Arturo Cruz, the company's Vice President for Marketing.