Seat intern David Cava has visualized a Roadster concept that could rival the new Mazda MX-5.

The Roadster concept was the fruit of Cava’s research during his internship at Seat. He says the concept was designed to be the "perfect competitor against the new Mazda MX-5."

Looking at the Roadster concept, one can instantly notice the dynamic shapes and sharp character lines that define the overall exterior design of the vehicle. Up front, it has angular headlights along with a sporty bumper and carbon fiber inserts. The concept also has a windshield "that flows from the bonnet."

The side of David Cava's Roadster concept

Turning to the side, the Roadster concept is designed with muscular shoulders while carbon fiber panels cover the engine cooling exits. According to Cava, the concept is "aerodynamically efficient with low drag and remarkable downforce" thanks to its windshield that directs air flow towards the "roll over structure" of the vehicle.

The rear of David Cava's Roadster concept    

The rear is fitted with distinctive LED taillights accented by carbon fiber. The aggressive bumper houses a centrally-mounted trapezoidal exhaust pipe along with black garnish. It is finished off with large sporty wheels.  

Cava visualized the Roadster concept with a hybrid powertrain that combines a 203 PS 1.4 TSI engine with an electric motor delivering an output of more than 243 PS.