There's no denying that crossovers have slowly eroded sedan sales worldwide. Just take a look at the midsize sedan market. Once the bread and butter of Western markets, crossovers have taken a big chunk out of their sales figures.

But Nissan is still swearing by the traditional four-door, at least according to Denis Le Vot, chairman of Nissan North America. With that, Nissan joins Subaru as some of the manufacturers who plan to stick to the tried and tested formula and Le Vot believes that sedans will find favor among consumers in the future. Le Vot has also put a lot of faith in the all-new Altima, which he says is just the start of the rejuvenation of the sedan.

Amid declining sedan sales, Nissan bravely rolled out the all-new Altima packing a host of innovations such as a variable compression turbo and semi-autonomous driving capabilities. Le Vot also said there will be all-new sedans joining the Altima and these are coming in a year or two. He also believes that the rising prices of oil worldwide will eventually see consumers shifting back to sedans. The addition of an all-wheel drive option in the Altima is also likely to sway potential crossover buyers to go for the sedan.

Does this also mean we'll be seeing an all-new Sentra within two years? Given Le Vot's hint, it is possible. Given the fact that the current Sentra (also known locally as the Sylphy) is about to turn six years old, it's already ripe for a totally redesigned model. The executive didn't go into further detail but the company believes that there is a promising market for sedans in Asia, particularly China.

Nissan's global sedan offerings consist of the aforementioned all-new Altima, Maxima, the China-only Lannia, Sentra/Sylphy, and Almera/Versa. There's also the Infiniti models such as the Q50 (Nissan Skyline), Q70 (Nissan Fuga), and Q70 L (Nissan Cima).

Source: Automotive News