Honda Cars PH slowly re-opening its dealerships

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has been one with its customers since the implementation of lockdowns and quarantines. For the areas that have been placed in General Community Quarantine (GCQ), select Honda dealerships found therein have been re-opened as of today.

While everything may look as if it is business as usual, HCPI has put new regulations in place to address the need for physical distancing and lowering the chances of contracting the coronavirus.

For starters, everyone will have their body temperatures scanned before being allowed to enter the dealership premises. This goes for customers and employees alike. Should the thermometer register anything from 38 degrees Celsius and above, customers will be denied entry. Face masks will also be required for customers to enter, and they must also clean their hands with the provided hand sanitizers around the premises. As for those who work in the dealership, they will be required to wear prescribed Personal Protective Equipment.

Social or physical distancing will also be enforced inside the dealership premises. Whether you find yourself in the showroom, the service reception area, in customer lounges, or at the cashiers, everyone is required to have at least a meter’s breadth between each other. Common areas will have clear demarcation lines to make sure that this is followed.

Those whose periodic maintenance services (PMS) might have been affected can now be addressed as well. This, along with other after-sales services, can now be carried out by the open dealerships. But customers must make sure to secure an appointment with their dealership first. While this might seem an inconvenience after an already long wait, HCPI simply wants to limit the numbers of people in close contact with each other, and so that they can efficiently address all their customers’ needs.

The “new normal” is slowly starting to become reality, and we can see it in the new rules that businesses are starting to implement as they re-open their doors. Many have been affected, but slowly, we will all have our turn to be served and our cars are serviced. We’ll just have to work closely with each other to make sure that the dealerships do stay open for all of us.