Select PUBs to serve NAIA 3 and 4 in trial run

Select PUBs to serve NAIA 3 and 4 in trial run image

Eric Tipan / | July 23, 2015 07:58

NAIA to allow 55 PUBs access to NAIA 3 and 4 in one week test phase

These may not be the airport buses the Land Transportation Regulatory Board (LTFRB) opened for bidding early this month but it still is a viable transportation option for passengers heading to the airport.

The LTFRB has recently issued special permits to 55 southbound Public Utility Buses (PUBs) operated by Sevensky Express Liner Corp., Magicline Express Corp., Mayamy Transport Corp. and Naia Metro Link Bus allowing them to drive up to NAIA Terminals 3 and 4 to drop off and pick up passengers.

In this trial run starting today until August 1, 2015, these airconditioned-only buses will now be allowed on Domestic Road and Andrews Avenue.

For passengers headed to NAIA 3, a bus stop will be provided on the Circulo del Mundo rotunda; there will be no loading and unloading along Andrews Avenue.

Passengers bound for NAIA 4 can get off at the specified bus stop on Domestic Road.

Despite the extended routes, these buses will operate under the same fare matrix.

This one-week test phase is the LTFRB’s answer to the growing transportation problem to and from airport terminals and this will also help them assess how much the buses contribute to the traffic in the area in order to determine their long-term feasibility.

Source: Philippine Daily Inquirer