Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) recently introduced the new autonomous Portal concept with the aim to keep its driver and passengers connected to each other, to other vehicles as well as to the surrounding world.

“When our teams began imagining the user experiences inside the Chrysler Portal, we set out to identify a long-time supplier partner who could help push the limits of customization and personalization,” said Scott Thiele, chief purchasing officer for FCA NV and head of purchasing and supplier quality for FCA North America.

Self-driving Chrysler Portal minivan concept can recognize your face

With the Panasonic Cognitive Infotainment (PCI) platform as the foundation of the UX feature set, the Chrysler User Experience team matched future consumer needs such as life, finances and new technology to those new technology solutions presented in the Portal concept.

The Chrysler Portal concept is equipped with facial recognition and voice biometric technologies, allowing all passengers to set up an individual and group settings for a better riding experience.

The company claims that the advanced speech software can determine who is speaking to accurately determine an action. Meanwhile, embedded interior and connected portable device cameras also facilitate conversations and interactions.

Self-driving Chrysler Portal minivan concept can recognize your face

In addition, it can also track the driver’s directional gaze, which allows the high-mount display screen to automatically dim or increase, reducing eye strain. Once at the destination, the interior and exterior camera can capture the moment with a selfie and automatically sync to everyone’s personal device. The Portal concept even comes with gesture control that can manipulate the audio system, as well as in-car commands like opening and closing doors.

The new Portal concept is also fitted with a screen that displays three zones of information. The first section that provides traditional car information, the middle that displays a 360-degree situational awareness view and the third section that can be used for media sharing and status updates of passengers.

Self-driving Chrysler Portal minivan concept can recognize your face

Fitted with a radar system, along with sensors, cameras and a highly-advanced computer, Chrysler claimed that Portal concept is a SAE Level 3 autonomous car capable of fully-independently driving by itself.