Let’s face it: Hyundai isn't exactly a household name for high performance. Sure they’re cheap, efficient, and decent people carriers, but hardly anything can be said about the Korean auto maker when it comes to high performance models. While there are sporty models like the Genesis Coupe or the Veloster it still seems like Hyundai can do so much more with regards to making their cars go fast.

Perhaps they could go out and build a racecar out of a Genesis Coupe? Drift cars? Pikes Peak hill climbers? Time Attack contenders? All of those have already been done, and given that the Genesis is a coupe, it's all but inevitable that it will be built as such. But what if Hyundai built something fast out of an unexpected platform? Something that shouldn’t go fast, but does so anyway? Well, perhaps this One Thousand Forty Horsepower Santa Fe ought to paint the picture pretty well.

In a collaborated effort with renowned tuner Bisi Ezerioha, Hyundai have sent a Santa Fe over to Bisimoto Engineering to turn into the beast you see in the rendering above. Apparently the plan is to build a bespoke 3.8 liter V6 motor with new pistons, upgraded cams, and strengthened connecting rods. All the extra strengthening is necessary to handle a pair of turbos that will push a total of 39 PSI to yield the 1040 horsepower goal.

While the standard Santa Fe has an all-wheel-drive arrangement, this particular exercise will be strictly a rear wheel drive affair. Bisimoto will engineer a unique 6-speed manual transmission that will send power to a Hyundai Equus rear differential and onto the rear wheels. Drivers can then go through the gears with a custom console mounted shifter.

Hyundai’s rendering of this crossover beast hints at an open grille housing a large intercooler. Apart from this it appears the rest of the body is stock. Judging from the rendering though the Santa Fe will roll on a bespoke set of 19-inch Fifteen52 wheels.

Whatever the outcome may be, this Santa Fe will make its debut at the 2016 SEMA show at the Las Vegas Convention Center on November 1 to 4. Looks like Han may have to think twice about rolling in a Hyundai.