Ford Motor Company will reveal the new Focus RS concepts, along with several hatchbacks at this year's Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show in Las Vegas.

The first Focus RS concept (pictured above) is painted gray, along with black and orange accents. It also features a Velox Motorsports front and side splitters, then fitted with a Finspeed F110 19-inch wheels.

The second concept (no picture shown), on the other hand, will get an aggressive exterior with the help of Roush Performance. Its front fascia is equipped with a new font splitter, upgraded headlights, and vents. Meanwhile, the wheels are fitted with Roush's TrakPak lightweight forged setup, as is the lowered suspension.

The Ford Focus concept done by Stanceworks and Ford Europe

The last of the three Focus RS concepts, however, skipped the conventional tuner setup and showed a ready-to-race look through a few exterior enhancements by Ford Europe and Stanceworks graphic. The new coilover suspension functions so that it also drives the part.

The street-tuned Ford Focus ST

Another is the Ford Focus ST. Including here is the first street-tuned Focus ST that brings subtle but distinct set of lines to Vegas. It is also equipped with the New Adv.1 wheels and coilover suspension which serve as the biggest upgrades.

The blacked-out Ford Focus ST with Konig Wheels

The second Focus ST concept, on the other hand, is even less subtle with its Konig flow formed wheels and a black exterior finish.

The Ford Fiesta ST concept

Lastly, the Fiesta ST created by Dom Tucci Designs, with its lowered suspension and doubled power features a ready-to-race look.

All of these Ford hatchbacks will be on display starting on November 1 to 4, 2016 at the 2016 SEMA Show.