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SEMA 2016 Preview: Hyundai to reveal Veloster Gurnade concept


Blends stylish looks with heavily modified mechanicals

Hyundai Motor America and Gurnade, Inc. combined their efforts in developing a race-ready Gurnade Veloster Concept for the 2016 Specialty Equipment Marker Association (SEMA) Show in November.

“Gurnade has always been drawn to the uniquely aggressive lines of the production Veloster. So when Hyundai approached us with the opportunity to develop one of their vehicles for SEMA, we didn’t hesitate to create the Gurnade Veloster Concept. It leverages all the strengths of the Veloster and takes it where we always envisioned it could go,” said Joshua Cloud, owner of Gurnade, Inc.

Starting with the exterior, the concept wears redone Magic Magenta paint. It is equipped with a custom grille, fender flares, venter bumper cover, custom headlamps and foglamp, front crash bar, and paint protection.


Meanwhile, parts built in carbon-fiber include the following: front spoiler, side sills, rear garnish, hood, and hatch.

Its interior, on the other hand, features Glowshift gauges and LEDGlow lighting, a Pheonix Gold subwoofer and amplifier with Stinger audio system wiring, and Creative Car-Tunes audio system.

It is fitted with Cobra Nogaro racing seats, a Pierce motorsports roll cage, and Takata racing harnesses. It is also equipped with Neo Motorsports coil-overs and 6-piston big brake kit.

The Hyundai Gurnade Veloster Concept is powered by the standard four-cylinder engine which has been upgraded with the 845 Motorsports intercooler, downpipe and cold-air intake, 845 Motorsports ECU tune, Synapse blow-off valve, and ARK Performance cat-back exhaust.

This year's SEMA show will run from Nov 1 – Nov 4, 2016 and will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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