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SEMA 2016: Toyota 86 swaps boxer engine for Ferrari V8


Ferrari power transforms Toyota 86 into 4586

SEMA 2016 brought out some of the most extreme builds from various shops in the US. One of these builds came from drifter Ryan Tuerck with a special Toyota 86.


Tuerck's custom-build sees a Ferrari engine, plucked straight from a 458, transplanted into the sports coupe. Now dubbed the '4586', this particular Toyota 86 now packs 578 PS and 580 Nm of torque. Due to the size of the engine, the car runs with no hood. Also, because of 458's mid-ship layout, the exhaust pipes face forwards.


In order for the engine to fit, modifications were made to the firewall of the 86. The team at Huddy Motorsports cut out the wiper tray to accommodate the throttle bodies. They then fabricated an induction box just under the dashboard and intake ports just behind the fender louvers. It also runs on a different ECU, utilizing a MoTec M142 system and further fine tuned the Ferrari mill.

The car itself is intended to be a drift car meaning the suspension also received a significant upgrade. It uses BC Racing DR Series dampers and springs on all corners. It is also adjustable for both compression and rebound. In order to get big slide angles in drifting, the steering rack was also upgraded. It now uses a Wisefab suspension kit which now allows up to 62 degrees of steering lock.


Inside, the 4586 is stripped out and lightened even further. The door panels are now carbon fiber and the infotainment system has been replaced by a switchboard. Seats meanwhile have been upgraded to a pair of Recaro Profi carbon seats and strapping the occupants down are Takata Race 6 harnesses.

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