Toyota arrived at this year's SEMA show with an array of tricked out rides that focuses on performance, style and handling. According to Toyota, their entries are either to honor the past, explore the present or revel in the extreme. With that said, three extreme builds highlight Toyota's capability in going extreme lengths in customizing their cars.

First up, we have the the Twin Turbo Land Cruiser based off the refreshed LC200. According to Chuck Wade, Toyota motorsports technical center manager, they wanted to make the car look subtle yet also extreme in terms of performance.

“From the outside, the Land Speed Cruiser appears quite normal, quite subtle. This is what makes it so special. Every single system and component has been touched. The trick is getting the body back onto the heavily modified frame,” said Wade.

The build team actually went to the trouble of removing the body of the unique LC200 to make the chassis stronger and more rigid to handle the extra power. They also significantly dropped the ride height of the Twin Turbo Land Cruiser to make it more stable when going over at high speeds.

Under the hood, the 5.7-liter 3UR-FE V8 has been fitted with twin Garrett GTX4718R turbochargers, along with several other upgrades like: two AEM in-tank feed pumps, Custom MTCI intercooler, MoTec ignition system and Borla/MTCI headers and downpipe.

Exact power output was not revealed though Toyota did say it is now capable of hitting a top speed of 354 km/h. Other mods installed on the unique Land Cruiser are: Fox Shox and Eibach Springs suspension components, Momo wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Super Sports, Borla exhaust system, roll cage, Momo racing seat and a safety harness.

“With the Land Speed Cruiser, we are breaking all of the normal conventions of what an SUV should be. This is a vehicle is truly a feat of engineering,” said Steve Applebaum, Toyota Motor Sales, national engagement marketing manager in the US.