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Sen. Defensor-Santiago wants to regulate speed bumps


Senator Santiago wants speed bumps construction and maintenance regulated

Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago has filed Senate Bill 2726 or the Act to Regulate the Construction and Maintenance of Speed Bumps to address the problem caused by "substandard speed bumps in our streets that leads to unnecessary traffic jams, vehicular damage, and obstruction to utilities and other important facilities."

Under the bill, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) will be tasked to come up the National Speed Bump Manual that ensures all speed bumps around the country follow a singular standard.

The manual will provide rules pertaining to the construction of speed bumps in relation to road grade or slope, proximity to curve, street condition, curbs, diversion potential, loading and unloading zones, spacing between bumps, proximity to utilities and travel lanes.


City or Municipal Engineers will be required to inspect speeds bumps at least once every three years and ensure that they are recorded in the city/municipal registry while the DPWH is tasked to update the national registry.

Speed bumps not recorded in the registry will be considered illegal and will be removed within six months from the date of the last inspection.

Once the bill is signed into law, City/Municipal Engineers must inspect their respective areas within one year and record/evaluate the existing speed bumps to determine if these are necessary in the areas they are located and if it complies with the standard.

During the inspection, temporary speed bumps made of tires and the like shall also be removed.

Construction of an illegal or makeshift speed bump warrants a fine of Php 50,000 plus the cost of the removal of the speed bump.

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