Less than a week into the implementation of the Anti-Distracted Driving law, Senator JV Ejercito has called for the temporary suspension of RA 10913. On his Facebook profile, the Senator said that it should only be implemented once the queries from the motoring public have been ironed out. That way, motorists will be less confused as to how the law is enforced.

Ejercito added that DOTr officials "misunderstood the essence of the Anti-Distracted Driving Law". He also said that the agency caused more confusion when they stated recommendations as to where mobile devices can be mounted. The Senator said that it is counter-intuitive to hide mobile devices when used for navigation purposes, saying, "Mas delikado pa yumuko! Every second that the driver's eyes are in the road counts".

While Ejercito said that texting and driving is a definite no-no, a navigation aid must always be in the line of sight of the driver. He adds that if the said navigation aid is properly mounted, it should be okay. "We rarely heard of road accidents that result from the use of navigation apps," said Ejercito.

Lastly, Ejercito said that the DOTr should "reconsider amending this strict provision before fully implementing the law". He hopes that the LTO and DOTr would heed to his call given "the confusion that this law has caused".

As it stands, the Anti-Distracted Driving Law is still being enforced. The first offense is a Php 5,000 fine, followed by a Php 10,000 penalty for the second offense. The third offense sees a Php 15,000 fine along with a three-month suspension of their license. For the fourth violation, the driver's license will be revoked plus a Php 20,000 fine. Operators and owners of PUVs (public utility vehicles) will be held liable for the violations made by their drivers.