The Senate is being called to intervene in aiding the worsening traffic in Metro Manila. The intervention will be done to re-evaluate the soundness of the proposed traffic plan to ease congestion in major city arteries.

Last July 18, Sen. Ralph Recto urged the Senate Committee on Public Services to probe into the traffic program. The senator emphasized that the negative side effects of alarming level of traffic jams have caused significant waste in time and resources. Recto added that such inquiry will be able to determine if such traffic management plan can decongest the roads and improve travel safety and efficiency.

It was noted that the Philippine economy loses an estimated 3.6 billion dollars (153 billion pesos) per year due to the persisting poor traffic conditions, particularly in Metro Manila. From the 3.6 billion dollars, 1 billion dollars is lost in wasted gasoline, electricity, man-hours, and hiring of traffic aides; 2.6 billion dollars are losses from reduced sales and investment disincentives.

Recto stressed that the traffic solution should consider the following factors: increase in vehicles on the road, distances of new roads, and growth in population. Gridlocks and bottlenecks have negatively affected city life as they induce chaos, inefficiency, and danger. The suggestion from Recto includes drafting of a traffic decongestion roadmap that outlines a comprehensive remedy to the traffic condition at least until 2016.