During the years after the rebirth of the domestic car industry, the Nissan Sentra established itself as a respected mainstay in the Philippine market, where it attained many great heights and braved numerous storms.

From the boxy Sentra that set the standard in level of features during its time, the famous B13 which had fuel injection as standard equipment, the Series III that made a mark in local motorsports, and the Exaltas that upped the ante in luxury, the Sentra boasts of having one of the most colorful histories among compact cars sold in the Philippines.

Today, the Sentra still stands proud, and continues to generate its set of loyal followers. Proof of this is the increased number of Sentra units sold during the first six months of this year.

The Sentra also accounted for nearly half of the vehicles sold by NMPI during the first six months. In total units, Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) registered a 19% increase in sales, one of the highest among car makers in the Philippines so far. With the Sentra's sterling performance during the first six months of this year, NMPI is launching the 2005 Sentra I-Style in time for the opening of Nissan Shaw Center.


"The Sentra I-Style represents a big step in making NMPI's second best seller more appealing to compact car buyers, especially those who want to make a statement in style. With the new additions to the I-Style and no change in price at all, we are confident that a large number of compact car buyers will surely be interested in it," explained Dennis Chang, AVP for Marketing and Sales at NMPI.

The Sentra I-Style will be available in three variants: GS-AT, GSX-AT and GSX-MT. Standard for the GS-AT and the GSX-AT are the following new features: rear sensors; two-tone leather seats; modified headlamp, tail light and grille design. The GS-AT also comes with a heads-up display (HUD) digital speed readout. The GSX-MT is the practical I-Style choice, retaining the fabric seats. All the additions to the I-Style come at no additional cost.


The new tail lights have a transparent color, which imparts a hint of sportiness and style for the Sentra. This masked tail light shroud is in metallic gray instead of chrome, not unlike that found in Nissan's premium Infiniti brand.

On the other hand, the Heads-up Display is a standard feature in many Infiniti vehicles, including NMPI's own Cefiro 300EX and Superior. It is very helpful in cruising along the highways, because it gives the exact readout of a vehicle's speed, and helps keep the eye of the driver on the road.

"We are aiming at a younger market," explains Mr. Chang. "Whether young-in-age or young-at-heart, this Sentra sends the clear message This is your style. In the near future, we are going to partner with leading personalities in the aftermarket to further strengthen our 'I-Style, My Style' concept."

The Sentra I-Style will be powered by the 1.6-liter QG16DE engine with Nissan's Variable Timing Control (VTC) that produces 116PS at 6,000 rpm and 14.9 kg-m of torque at 4,400 rpm. Aside from providing adequate power, the QG16DE engines are known for their superior running smoothness.

All Sentra I-Styles are also equipped with an Automatic Climate Control System, and 15-inch alloy rims for the GS and 14-inch alloys for the GSX. The prices of the Sentra I-Style are: GS-AT P798,000; GSX-AT P758,000; and GSX-MT P718,000. The best-looking Sentra to come out of NMPI in recent years can be closely appreciated in authorized Nissan dealers starting July 29, 2005.