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Seven auto manufacturers collaborate for one approach to EV charging


One station to charge them all

Seven auto manufacturers have agreed to work towards a combined fast charging system that will be compatible with their future electric vehicles (EV).

U.S. manufacturers Ford and General Motors while German brands Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and Volkswagen will be working together to integrate all charging scenarios into one vehicle inlet/charging connector and to use identical ways for their future EVs to communicate with the charging station. Essentially, all their future EV models can share the same fast charging station, creating what could be a standardized system

The seven auto manufacturers believe the development of a common charging approach is good for customers, the industry and charging infrastructure providers. Standardization will reduce build complexity for manufacturers, accelerate the installation of common systems internationally and most importantly, improve the ownership experience for EV drivers.


The seven auto manufacturers also agreed to use HomePlug Green Phy as the communication protocol. This approach will also facilitate integration of the electric vehicle into future smart grid applications.

Automakers point to the success of Level 1 and Level 2 (for 220V charging in the U.S.) as an example of how standardization will increase the adoption of electric vehicles and increase customer satisfaction.

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