Chevrolet may be eyeing something for the future of autonomous mobility as the automaker recently revealed the FNR electric car concept at Auto Shanghai.

Developed and designed by the company's Pan-Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC) based in China, it marries autonomous driving technology with an electric powertrain and a futuristic-looking body.

The front end of the Chevrolet FNR EV concept

Described by the automaker of having a capsule design, the car opens with what Chevrolet calls as 'dragonfly dual swing doors' that enable easy ingress and egress. The front section has crystal laser headlights and large air intakes while the side is comprised of sharp lines and hues of gray and blue. The rear also gets the sharp treatment as it shows an angular bumper and thin taillights.

The unique doors of the Chevrolet FNR EV concept

Aboard the FNR concept, a digital display along with smart technologies like a roof-mounted radar system that can map out the environment for autonomous driving, an iris-recognition system for starting the car and a 'personal assistant' that provides the best route for drivers in case they are the ones that are doing the driving. There are also sensors that can detect nearby vehicles or individuals.

The interior of the Chevrolet FNR EV concept

Additionally, the front seats can swivel 180-degrees during autonomous driving to enable the passengers to converse and enjoy each other's company while the FNR does all the driving.

Powering the Chevrolet FNR concept are electric motors that are mounted on the wheel hubs. No exact power output were detailed by Chevrolet.

The automaker did not state whether this will just be a design study or a prelude for a possible future model.