Land Rover has just produced their 6-millionth vehicle and in higlighting their production milestone, the British automaker has fitted it with celebratory puddle lamps that illuminates and signifies Land Rover's achievement.

The luxury SUV that gets the special puddle lamps is a long wheelbase Ranger Rover Vogue SE finished in Yulong White and is currently on display at this year's Shanghai Auto Show. Placed at the SUV's side mirrors, the puddle lamp turns itself on whenever the vehicle is unlocked.

The special puddle lamp fitted on the Range Rover

The graphic used to show the production milestone only measures as wide as a grain of rice and is magnified and projected onto the ground via a special housing.

Andy Goss, the Director of Group Sales Operations for Jaguar Land Rover finds it appropriate that the vehicle to get the special 6-millionth mark is a Range Rover.

A Land Rover employee installs the special puddle lamp

“For 67 years Land Rover has been building the world's most capable all-purpose vehicles. Over this period, a range of ground-breaking innovations and technologies have blended great design, refinement and unmatched all-terrain capability. It’s fitting that the 6,000,000th Land Rover to be produced is a Range Rover, since this year marks the 45th anniversary of the original Range Rover’s launch and even today, the vehicle remains peerless,” said Goss.

The special edition Range Rover will subsequently be sold in China though the automaker has not yet stated its selling price.