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Shanghai 2017: Chevrolet FNR-X PHEV concept revealed


Chevrolet FNR-X will not head to production despite new design evolution

Two years ago, Chevrolet debuted their futuristic Find New Roads (FNR) concept at Auto Shanghai. Immediately seen by the design, the FNR concept had absolutely zero chances of entering production. Now however, Chevrolet is back at Auto Shanghai with the evolution of the FNR concept into a more realistic FNR-X.

Chevrolet initially teased the FNR-X showing its front facscia a few days prior to its unveiling. With the cover fully off, the FNR-X showcases its evolved styling and crossover look, or as Chevrolet would like to call it, an "all-purpose sports concept vehicle". That said, the exterior design has come a long way from the previous FNR.


Powering the FNR-X is said to be a plug-in hybrid capable of switching between the combustion engine and an electric motor. Chevrolet also says that the FNR-X boasts an active suspension that is smart enough to automatically adjust the ride height depending on driving conditions. There is also said to be active aero on both the front and rear spoiler along with the side skirt, depending on which driving mode is selected.

Much like most concept cars, the body features shaved door handles and cameras for side view mirrors. At the back there's a sharply raked rear glass which also houses the LED taillights. Meanwhile, the front fascia of the vehicle is similar to that of the Camaro ZL1, with the sleek one piece grill and headlights and large lower grill. 

Inside, the minimalist cabin is packed with OLEDs to set the mood and create a more comfortable feel. Much like most concept vehicles, the interior is filled with large touchscreens to access the different interior functions of the FNR-X. An augmented reality heads up display and a smart navigation system that adjust the route accordingly are among the features found. These features give the FNR-X some level of autonomous driving. 

Despite the teaser image seemingly making it seem like a production-ready vehicle, the FNR-X may still be far from hitting the assembly line.

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