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Shanghai 2017: Mercedes-Benz unveils refreshed S-Class


2018 S-Class gains technical updates for semi-autonomous driving

It is no surprise that Mercedes-Benz has been planning to give their flagship S-Class a mid-cycle facelift. The teasers that Daimler released, coupled with the photos our spies have taken, gave us hints of what the refreshed S-Class could be now. Now, the camouflage and covers have been taken off giving us a more detailed look of the 2018 S-Class.

Exterior wise, all models of the S-Class line receive a new front and rear fascia, with each variant having their own changes. The six and eight cylinder models now receive a new grill which was previously exclusive to the V12 models. Meanwhile, the Maybachs gets a redesigned grill that feature a Maybach logo in between the louvers.


On all models, there are new LED headlights and tailights, which is part of Mercedes' new optional LED Intelligent Light System; features ultra-wide high beams and a Road Surface Scan system. Finishing up the exterior changes are new 20-inch wheels which come in two different styles.

Inside the 2018 S-Class, more updates can be found. The most obvious change to the interior would be the change to a three-spoke steering wheel as opposed to the two-spoke found on the pre-facelift S-Class. The new wheel also features touch control buttons, which covers almost all functions, allows the driver adjust controls while keep his hands on the wheel constantly.

New wood trims options are now available along with a new ambient LED lighting with 64 available colors to light up the interior. The dual 12.3-inch display now uses a single glass panel which showcases vehicle parameters along with other on-board systems. Also available is the new Energizing Comfort system option, available on all models of the S-Class. It monitors various comfort systems in the vehicle, and sets up the mood of the vehicle to suit the need of the occupants.

Powering the 2018 S-Class are new engine options to choose from. The engine options start from a 3.0-liter V6 that produces 362 PS for the S450. The S560 and the Maybach meanwhile are now powered by a 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 producing 463 PS. As for the S63, it now uses a 603 PS version of the 4.0-liter bi-turbo V8 replacing the old 5.5-liter bi-turbo V8 engine. For the S65, it retains the same V12 bi-turbo engine as the pre-facelift model.

Mercedes-Benz also highlighted the updated Intelligent Drive on the 2018 S-Class. It adds the Active Emergency Stop Assist which automatically brings the vehicle to a complete stop if the driver does not respond to the system when activated. The automaker says the system is brings consumers closer to autonomous driving. Other system updates features include improved active steering, distance assist and active lane change assist.  

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