Toyota seems to want people to enjoy themselves at this year’s 2017 Auto Shanghai by unveiling the Fun concept. At first glance, the Fun concept sedan slightly resembles the 2018 Camry albeit in a more concept car guise. Apart from having styling cues of a Camry, the Fun concept rides on the Toyota New Global Architecture modular platform to showcase the versatility of it.

Something peculiar to note is that the upcoming 2018 Camry, along with other models in the current Toyota lineup already use the TNGA platform. With the Fun concept also riding on the same platform, it would be no surprise if the Fun concept would develop into a production model Camry for the China market.

 Shanghai 2017: Toyota brings joy with Fun concept sedan


Comparing the Fun concept to the 2018 Camry, the similarity of profiles is obvious. Like most concept cars however, designers of the Fun concept have increased the rake of the windshield and lowered the roof. To give it a more streamlined look, the door handles are shaved, and use cameras for side mirrors.

Shanghai 2017: Toyota brings joy with Fun concept sedan

In front, there are two sharp and slim LED headlights which sit flush along the one-piece grille. Below that, two pointed driving LED driving lights sit along the edge of the bumper and flank the main grill. When compared to the front fascia of the new Camry, one can quickly see the identical styling. At the back, the sculpting is more pronounced around the fenders, and fitted are slim LED tail lights which compliment the headlight and overall design of the Fun concept.