Designed to meet motorists needs, Shell Helix Ultra is said to be capable taking on any challenges on the road. Made with PurePlus technology, Shell's fully synthetic oil has less impurities and sediments compared to crude-based oils, which helps prolong engine life and protects it from damage and corrosion.

Engines using Shell Helix Ultra are also said to be protected longer. The brand's fully synthetic oil claims to offer 32-percent better oil degradation and up to 50-percent less evaporation to deliver on fuel and engine efficiency. Together with its active cleansing technology, it prevents the build up of harmful sludge and deposits which could decrease an engine's power and performance.

Shell offers Helix Ultra users with engine warranty, road side assistance

To give drivers extra peace of mind, Shell has recently teamed up with AXA Partners Philippines to provide Helix Ultra users with an extended engine waranty for up to 12 years, or 200,000 km. The warranty will cover engine problems caused by lubrication issues that may arise. For added protection on the road, Shell will provide Helix Ultra users with two roadside assitance every six months.

Apart from the engine warranty and roadside assitance, Shell Helix Ultra users can also avail of services at Shell Helix Oil Change+ centers. These service centers comes with customer lounges with Wifi access and viewing windows. To ensure quality service, all technicians at these centers are trained and certified by the Don Bosco Technical Institute. The service centers can also provide comprehensive historical data for future visits and free service reminders for car owners’ ease and convenience.

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