Shell Philippines has organized a drive that aims to educate Filipino motorists to become fuel efficient drivers. Dubbed as the “FuelSave Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge,” Shell invited celebrity host Bianca Gonzalez-Intal along with five students and journalists to participate a drive to debunk myths and misconceptions about fuel efficiency.

“More than just being any driving competition, the Shell FuelSave Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge is our way of educating Filipino motorists how to become fuel efficient. All it takes are making a few simple changes to the way we drive and using the right fuel,” explains Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail.

Driving the Honda Jazz, the City and the Brio Amaze, participants went head to head against select journalists on a fuel economy drive to Clark, Pampanga. The drive included pit stops wherein the teams were tasked to separate fact from fiction with regards to real-world fuel efficiency.

Tips such as driving smoothly, correct tire pressures, maintaining speed, avoiding excessive revving, remove extra weight and preventing long idling periods. Shell debunked myths such as filling up at night as well as warming up a vehicle before driving, acts that do not contribute to achieving better fuel economy.

The 2015 Shell Eco-marathon Asia participants

In line with this, the “FuelSave Fact or Fiction Driving Challenge” is Shell's preview to the upcoming 2015 Shell Eco-marathon Asia which would be staged in the Philippines for the second straight year.

The 2015 Shell Eco Marathon Asia will be held on February 26 to March 1.