Taking a vacation with loved ones is one of the secrets of strong and healthy familial bond. This is why weekends and holidays are deeply treasured by many. To ensure a safe and hassle-free travel this Holy Week, you need to ensure your vehicle is in top shape.

Keeping safety and welfare of customers in mind, Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (Shell) invites motorists to have their vehicles checked at their nearest Shell service bay before they go on their Holy Week journeys.

Shell's almost 200 service bays are manned with professional and friendly technicians that are well equipped to provide you with excellent service and keep your vehicles running right. Several outlets even have customer lounge facilities that allow you to wait in comfort while your vehicle is being serviced.

“Shell has always been an advocate of road safety. We encourage motorist to drive by Shell Helix Service Centre before the Holy Week season and allow our technicians to help keep their journeys safe and worry-free. Getting your cars checked is the first step to ensuring your safety on the road during the Holy Week season,” said Gino Rodriguez, Retail Lubes Category Manager. 

Shell also rewards customers who avail of Shell Helix oil change packages with premium safety gears. Every Shell Helix Ultra E oil change package gets you a Shell Helix Dynamo lantern, while a Shell Helix HX7 or Shell Helix Diesel HX7 oil change package gets you a Shell Helix Dynamo flashlight. Customers can enjoy this offer until March 31, 2013.