It was not long ago when news broke on Shell's Guinness World Record for Fuel Economy around the world. After 78 intense days of driving around the world, Shell, John and Helen Taylor have earned a triumphant record for the most fuel efficient circumnavigation of the world ever undertaken in a standard car, completed using only 24 tanks of Shell fuel. Now, Shell wants to spread the word and celebrate its Guinness World Record here in the Philippines.

The Taylors left on London January 17, and they returned having covered 28,970 kilometers, across 25 countries, in 78 days of driving. But the most significant statistic is that they consumed only 1,303 liters of fuel in their 78-day land circumnavigation. This means that they averaged 22.2 kilometers per liter a surprising and phenomenal performance considering the official figures over the combined cycle (a combination of urban and extra-urban cycles) for the 1.6-liter VW Golf FSI used in their journey is 14.3 kilometers/liter.

During the journey, they encountered every extreme of temperature, climate and terrain. However, despite these intense conditions, the record was achieved through a combination of Shell fuels and fuel efficient/Fuel Stretch driving practices. "Getting this trip together was the realization of a great ambition for Helen and I. A true technical challenge for the fuel, and a real test of endurance for all the team involved. I am so proud to have set the record with Shell," said John Taylor.

According to Pilipinas Shell, John and Helen Taylor are a testament to Shell fuels and to the principles of fuel efficient/Fuel Stretch driving. "Nowadays, drivers like you and me look for ways to drive more efficiently, thereby saving money. We are committed to developing better fuels for Filipino motorists and have had over 70 years of innovation to give them fuels that address motorists' needs for greater fuel efficiency, and are specifically designed to take drivers further," explained Carl Posadas, Shell Philippines and North Pacific Islands fuels category management local implementer.

Pilipinas Shell joins the global celebration of its Guinness World Record by bringing John and Helen Taylor to the Philippines for a series of events, and a record-breaking raffle of making 10 millionaires in a day. "In the spirit of our Guinness accomplishment, we're looking forward to helping everyday drivers achieve greater fuel efficiency no matter where they live or what they drive - setting their own personal records," said Sammy De Guzman, Shell Retail Philippines general manager.