Attributing to a shortened calendar month, auto sales slowed down with a strong 29,038 units sold in March 2017. This represented a 20.6% decline due to the Lenten holiday and extended Labor Day weekend because of the ASEAN Summit. Passenger car sales were down 16.8%, while commercial vehicle sales declined 22.4%. This was based on the latest joint report of the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA).

Compared to last year, the figure reflects a very modest 4.8% gain against the 27,697 unit total. Passenger Car sales slightly decreased by 0.6%, while Commercial Vehicle sales managed a 20.4% growth.

Passenger car (PC) sales totaled 9,862 units, covering 33.96% of the market. Commercial vehicles continued to take the larger chunk at 19,176 units or 64.82% of the market.

The Commercial Vehicle sub-segments were still led by Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV), comprising 64.82% of CV sales with 12,430 units sold; 23.6% less than last month's 24,708 total. AUV/MPV sales were also slower at 5,685 units, a 17.9% decline compared to 6,921 last month. Truck and bus sales were all down due to the heavy acquisition done from the previous months. Light truck sales dropped 42.5%, selling a total of 583 units compared to the previous month's 1,014 unit total. Category 4 Heavy Duty Truck and Bus sales totaled 359 units (-1.6%) compared to last month's 365 units. Category 5 Heavy Duty Truck and Bus continued its slowdown with 119 units sold, (-13.1%) compared to last month's 137 units.

Nearly all brands registered a decline in sales. The top 3 decliners were Ssangyong (SBMP) with a 72.7% drop, Mercedes-Benz (ANG) sales dropped 67.1%, and Honda (HCPI) with a 58.1% downtrend. Bucking the trend were Mazda (BAP) with a 12.4% hike, and Suzuki with a 7.3% gain as it finds its way into the Top 5 brands of the month.

The top five performing manufacturers for the month of April are:

1. Toyota – 12,751 units (43.91% market share)

2. Mitsubishi – 5,353 units (18.43% market share)

3. Ford– 2,613 units (9.00% market share)

4. Isuzu – 1,956 units (6.74% market share)

5. Suzuki – 1,615 units (5.56% market share)

For the first quarter of the year, Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation continued its commanding lead of the market with 43.42-percent. Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation followed in second with 17.76-percent. Ford Motor Company Philippines, Inc. remains in third with 8.44-percent. Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. is in fourth position with 7.16-percent, with Isuzu Philippines, Corp. remains in fifth with 6.89-percent.