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Sizing up the upcoming 2014 BMW X5


How does the upcoming X5 measure up to its competition?

It is only a matter of months away before the 2014 BMW X5 will go up for sale in the global market in November. The third generation X5 was launched back in May to renew its leadership in the market segment. The SUV will be available in 5 TwinPower Turbo engines (4 diesel and 1 gasoline). More recently in Frankfurt, BMW launched the Concept X5 eDrive as the second BMW plug-in hybrid vehicle with the eDrive technology.

Now, let us take a closer look on how this upcoming SUV looks if it is parked beside its predecessor and other models in its class.


2014 BMW X5


Length: 4887 mm / Width: 1938mm / Height: 1763 mm


Current BMW X5


Length: 4854 mm / Width: 1933 mm / Height: 1766 mm


2013 Audi Q7


Length: 6086 mm / Width: 1983 mm / Height: 1737 mm


2013 Porsche Cayenne


Length: 4795 mm / Width: 1928 mm / Height: 1694


2013 Mercedes-Benz ML


Length: 4781 mm / Width 1911 mm / Height: 1815


2013 Lexus GX


Length: 4805 mm / Width: 1885 mm / Height: 1885 mm


2013 Ford Explorer


Length: 5010 mm / Width: 2000 mm / Height: 1790 mm

2013 Land Rover Range Rover Sport

Length: 4850 mm / Width: 2220 mm / Height: 1780 mm

Based on the dimensions, the new BMW X5 will be bigger than its predecessor despite a slightly lower stance. It will also be 33 mm longer than the previous X5 at 4887 mm.

After sizing up with the other premium SUVs, the new BMW X5 is in the 7 SUVs in comparison. The Audi Q7 is the biggest despite the Ford Explorer’s dominating presence, while the Porsche Cayenne is the smallest.

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