In an effort to boost popularity of its Almera subcompact, Nissan Motor Philippines, Inc. (NMPI) has tapped actor Richard Yap as its brand ambassador. Yap rose to recent popularity in his role as the lovable 'Sir Chief' in the hit TV series, 'Be Careful With My Heart'. He now adds the Nissan Almera to his growing list of product endorsements. 

"We believe that we have found the perfect match in the choice of Richard Yap, as he and the Nissan Almera perfectly express that it's not all about the 'bling'. The most understated characters sometimes provide the most substance and in this case, we have a winning combination," NMPI President & CEO Allen Chen said.

Being a successful businessman, aside from being a popular TV and soon-to-be movie actor made Yap was the perfect choice for NMPI. His fresh talent has indeed captured the hearts of millions of TV viewers. The enigma of the roles he has played has created an aura of dignity with an understated tinge of power and prestige. 

"The Nissan Almera, also espouses the same character traits - strong value, unrivaled comfort with the largest interior space, fuel economy that will delight and an understated presence with a fluid styling design," NMPI VP for Marketing, Sales & After-Sales Lee Junia added.

Yap will appear in Nissan Almera print ads, billboards and dealer showroom promotional materials. He will also be involved in future public events with the Nissan Almera.