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Sizing up the 2016 Suzuki Ciaz with current subcompacts


Stacking up the Suzuki Ciaz against the competition

Suzuki Philippines is looking to take a chunk of the highly lucrative subcompact segment in 2016 after announcing that they will soon launch the Ciaz in the country. Based on the Authentics Concept, the company described the car of incorporating a stylish exterior that is dominated by character lines and chrome trim.

With most of the other brands already offering their own subcompact, we measure up the upcoming Suzuki Ciaz against the competition in terms of size and power output.


When the Ciaz arrives, it will become the longest subcompact in the market, besting the Honda City and Nissan Almera. Over to girth, it will be the second widest subcompact as Chevrolet’s Sonic manages to edge out the Ciaz by 5mm. The Ciaz however loses to height as the Nissan Almera, Mitsubishi Mirage G4 and Chevrolet Sonic are still the top three tallest subcompacts in the market. The Ciaz bounces back in terms of interior legroom thanks to a 2,650mm wheelbase, dethroning both the City and Almera.

In terms of engine output, the Honda City still reigned supreme with 120 PS and 145 Nm of torque from its gasoline-powered 1.5-liter inline-four. The Hyundai Accent, on the other hand, is the only model that is available with a turbocharged diesel, essentially overpowering the City’s SOHC engine. Other competitors such as the Kia Rio, recently updated Nissan Almera and the Toyota Vios are the only three models that offer smaller engine displacements.

The TH-spec Suzuki Ciaz has a 1.25-liter K12B engine which puts out 91 PS and 118Nm. The Indian-spec however will be available with a 1.4-liter inline-four and a 1.3-liter diesel. There is no word yet what kind of powertrain/s will be available to the PH-spec Ciaz.

It is scheduled to arrive sometime in 2016.

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