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Sizing up the 2016 Toyota Fortuner


Stacking up the 2016 Fortuner with current market offerings, dimension-wise

The Pickup Platform Vehicle (PPV) segment has been buzzing lately as several leaks and spy shots of new-generation PPVs were recently posted on the web. Toyota becomes the second automaker to officially introduce their new-generation PPV this year with the 2016 Fortuner.

Now underpinned by the 8th-generation Toyota Hilux and sporting a more sophisticated look, we measure up the soon-to-arrive 2016 Fortuner against current PPVs on sale today.


Judging from the table, the upcoming Fortuner is still one of the shortest PPVs in the market even though its body length has been increased by 90mm. Its 1,855mm girth however gives it a decent width. Height however has been reduced by 15mm, which makes it one of second shortest PPVs, just behind the Chevrolet Trailblazer.

2016 Toyota Fortuner

2005 – 2015 Toyota Fortuner

2013 – present Chevrolet Trailblazer

2015 – present Ford Everest

2014 – present Isuzu mu-X

2008 – present Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Turbo diesel power now comes from the new GD family series of engines. First is the 2.4-liter powerplant that puts out 150 PS at 3400 rpm along with a torque pull of 400 Nm at 1600-2000. The most powerful engine in the lineup is the 2.8-liter lump that generates 177 PS at 3400 rpm and a maximum torque rating of 450 Nm at 1600-2400 rpm. The 2.7-liter gasoline-powered engine has been carried over and produces 160 PS and 240 Nm of torque.

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