Despite posting toll fees, Class 2 vehicles are not yet allowed to enter Skyway 3

Yesterday, SMC made it clear that they will start charging motorists that will use Skyway 3 beginning July 12. This comes after the company allowed motorists to travel along the 18-kilometer elevated expressway for free for nearly 7 months.

With that, Class 1 vehicles will have to pay between PHP 105 to PHP 264, while Class 2 vehicles rates range from PHP 210 to PHP 528.

But there's a problem: Class 2 vehicles that plan to drive on Skyway 3 may have to find an alternate route for the time being. That's because Ramon S. Ang, president of SMC, announced that Skyway 3 will be exclusive to Class 1 vehicles for now at least.

In a press statement, Ang announced that Skyway 3 will be dedicated to Class 1 vehicles with AutoSweep RFID stickers. This is to ensure they will be able to address safety concerns on the elevated expressway, as well as limit the risk of spreading any diseases amidst the pandemic.

Skyway 3 only for Class 1 vehicles for now image

“Limiting Skyway 3 to regular or Class 1 vehicles will also further ensure safety for all users. With more private vehicles diverted to Skyway 3, our public roads will be freed up and decongested. This will benefit, number one, our public transportation and commuters. It will also be beneficial to transporters of goods, who can opt to use the at-grade sections of the Skyway system where tolls are lower, as well as public roads which are free, as they are subsidized by the government,” said Ang.

So when will Class 2 vehicles be allowed to travel on Skyway 3? The company has yet to mention any specific timeline, but they did mention that this is only temporary. In the future, Skyway 3 will also cater to Class 2 vehicles which are categorized as passenger buses, delivery vans, small trucks, and Class 1 vehicles with trailers.

Class 3 vehicles, on the other hand, will not be allowed to enter Skyway 3. Ang previously mentioned that the elevated expressway will be a no-truck zone – meaning cargo trucks and other big rigs are banned from entering Skyway 3. Instead, big trucks will have to take the NLEX Connector which is still being constructed, with the first 5-kilometer segment now 37% complete.

It will connect Harbor Link and Skyway 3 which will then serve as a direct link for truckers that need to get from Port of Manila to the south of the metro, and vice versa. Once the 8-kilometer roadway is complete, it will shorten travel time between NLEX and SLEX and will help logistic companies get to their destinations faster and easier.