Skyway Stage 3 is free-to-use until TRB confirms final toll rates

Enjoyed using the new Skyway Stage 3 for free this past month? We have some good news for you. The new elevated expressway will continue to be toll-free, even after February 1. According to Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) spokesperson Julius Corpuz, the use of Skyway Stage 3 will remain free until the TRB can finalize the toll rates for the expressway.

"TRB has not yet issued its approval to authorize toll collection for Skyway Stage 3. Their petition is still in process and the review and validation is ongoing," said Corpuz.

With the toll rate for Skyway Stage 3 yet to be finalized by the TRB, the elevated expressway will continue to be free of charge until there is an official toll rate. Whether it will be the proposed PHP 274 for Class 1 vehicles is still uncertain at this point. Motorists are hoping that it would be cheaper than the proposed rates due to the on-going economic situation.

At the moment, it is uncertain when the TRB will finalize the toll rates for the new Skyway Stage 3. Expect both SMC and the TRB to make an announcement once the toll rates are finalized.

For now, you can still enjoy using the elevated expressway free of charge. Once the official toll rates are released, expect to pay a premium for using Skyway Stage 3. But hey, it still beats sitting in EDSA (or C-5) traffic for hours on end right?