Today is another good day for those who regularly use the Skyway Stage 3. Earlier today, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) announced the opening of two new ramps.

SMC president and chief operating officer Ramon S. Ang announced that both the A. Bonifacio northbound off-ramp (Just before the cloverleaf mall in Balintawak) and the E. Rodriguez southbound off-ramp on Araneta Ave. (which also provides access to Espana Ave.) are now ready for public use.

“Our Skyway 3 engineers and construction personnel worked double time to be able to open these two new ramps, better serve motorists, and provide them seamless and convenient travel,” said Ang. 

He added that despite the delay brought about by the pending Right-Of-Way (ROW) Acquisition, contractors for SMC infrastructure are working continuously and double-time to open up more access ramps. Ang also hinted which Skyway 3 access ramps are next in line to open. 

“Despite delays, we’re excited for the next access points to be opened soon. For northbound motorists, next to be opened will be the Quirino Entry, Nagtahan Entry, Nagtahan Exit, E. Rodriguez Entry, and C3 Exit. For southbound, we will soon open the C3 Entry, C3 Exit, A. Bonifacio Entry, Plaza Dilao Exit, and Nagtahan Exit,” added Ang. 

With progress on the project seemingly undeterred, motorists should soon experience the full benefits of the Skyway Stage 3. 

Current operational Skyway stage 3 access ramps include:


Buendia (Zobel) Entry

Quezon Ave. Entry

Quirino Ave. Exit

Quezon Ave. Exit

A. Bonifacio Exit

Balintawak Exit



Balintawak Entry

Quezon Ave. Entry

Plaza Dilao Entry

Quezon Ave. Exit

E. Rodriguez Exit

Buendia (Zobel) Exit