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Skyway to open northbound toll plaza to help ease traffic


Newly completed northbound runway toll plaza in Skyway to open January 26

In a bid to decrease vehicular traffic that builds up along the Skyway on-ramp after Alabang, the operator of the elevated expressway is set to open a new runway toll plaza on January 26.

Skyway O&M Corporation has just announced that a new toll plaza situated near the NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport) on-ramp will consist of three lanes dedicated to the Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system and four lanes with up to five tellers per lane to accommodate cash payment.

“At Skyway, traffic volume is a reality we all have to contend with. But for our part, we continue to look for ways to manage traffic better. This new toll plaza is an enhancement to the Skyway that we initiated in order to facilitate more efficient toll collection. With dedicated ‘ETC’ lanes and ‘Cash’ lanes that can accommodate more tellers per lane, we’re hoping to improve traffic throughput at the toll plazas,” said Ramon S. Ang, president of San Miguel Corporation, parent unit of Skyway O&M.


When the newly completed runway toll plaza opens on January 26, toll collection along the northbound lane of the Skyway from Alabang will operate under the following protocol:

The Skyway management is expecting confusion with the new system in its first few days of implementation but is confident that this will increase payment and processing times in the long run.

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