A few weeks ago, photos of what appeared to be the next-generation Kia Sorento circulated around the internet. It was then followed by shadowy silhouettes which have somewhat confirmed what we already saw from before.

Now, Kia has released sketches that, indeed, confirms the arrival of the next-generation mid-sized crossover. By the looks of it, the production version has remained faithful to what Kia had in mind.

The first photos that spread were of the front and rear and the sketches do line up, meaning what we saw before is actually the final product. There's the slim, wraparound units with a distinct LED signature, along with a fully redesigned hood, bumper, and a much wider 'Tiger Nose' grill. At the back, it takes cues from the full-sized Telluride (and its cousin, the Hyundai Palisade) with its vertical tail light design.

2021 Kia Sorento sketched out image

What we haven't seen yet are its flanks but the sketch gives us a good idea of how it will look like in the metal. The 2021 Sorento appears more rakish than the ones sitting in showrooms now. For instance, the front windshield and tailgate have a more pronounced angle than before. Also, the window sills go from flat to concaved, forming an upward sweep towards the rear. There are also more defined lines on the sides, a start contrast to the subtle curves of the current generation.

Like the exterior, the interior sketches line up with the spy shots of the cabin. It's a mix of angles and flowing lines on the dashboard, and there's a massive screen in the middle. Kia has also taken the fully digital route with the instrument cluster as well.  The 2021 Sorento also does away with the conventional gear selector and foot-operated parking brake, opting for electro-mechanical systems instead.

2021 Kia Sorento sketched out image

Engines on the other hand have yet to be mentioned by Kia, but it is likely that it will be similar to the Hyundai Santa Fe. If so, we can count on it having a 2.2-liter CRDI turbodiesel (or 2.0-liter in select markets), along with a range of naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines and a six-cylinder option in the form of the 3.5-liter V6 mill.

Kia says that the new Sorento will debut at this year's Geneva Auto Show which takes place on March 3. However, as it is dubbed as a 2021 model, it is possible that it will be available to customers in its home market (South Korea) towards the end of this year with the rest of the world following later on.