Starting April 1, 2016, the e-pass will no longer be accepted in South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and Skyway. This is to make way for the new Auto Sweep RFID (Radio-frequency identification) electronic toll collection system by San Miguel Corporation.

Since May 2015, tollway operators of the SLEX and Skyway have begun phasing out the old e-Pass system and replacing it with the new RFID passes. As previously reported, the first 200,000 RFID applicants were given the new Auto Sweep RFID system for free as part of its testing phase. Guidelines on how to get an RFID and applications can be downloaded through the Auto Sweep RFID website or on-site in either the Skyway Bicutan Southbound office or the SLEX Cabuyao Northbound office.

RFID installation

The Auto Sweep RFID system consists of an RFID sticker placed either on the driver's side headlamp lens or on the upper part of the driver's side windshield which will communicate with toll barrier RFID reader. The new more 'efficient' battery-free system replaces the previous DSRC (digital short range communication) based transponder tags, which used batteries and were costlier to replace.


The other component of the Auto Sweep RFID system is the e-Card which contains a QR code as well as basic information such as the account number and license plate of the vehicle. The card is used for reloading the account as well as a backup in case the RFID tag was not read by the toll barrier sensor.

The Auto Sweep RFID tags are still available for free until supplies last according to the tollway operators. Off-site RFID tag installations will also be held on January 23 (La Vista, Quezon City; Hillsborough, Alabang; BMW Makati), January 24 (Hillsborough, Alabang) and January 30 (Pavilion Mall, Binan, Laguna).