German manufacturing company ZF has revealed their latest Smart Urban Vehicle concept.

Designed to preview driver assistance functions, ZF developed an electric vehicle packed with technology that aims to present a solution for “urban individual transport” in the compact and subcompact segments.

ZF Smart Urban Vehicle concept

The concept is fitted with a “highly innovative” front axle, which allows steering angles of up to 75 degrees. ZF says that this increases the “agility” and “maneuverability of the vehicle.”

ZF Smart Urban Vehicle concept

ZF adds that the concept has a Smart Parking Assist system which can automatically park the vehicle in parallel or perpendicular spaces. This is made possible through the data gathered from twelve ultrasound sensors and two infrared sensors. The driver can monitor the concept via a smartphone or a smart watch as it finds a parking space.

The concept also has a cloud-based PreVision Cloud Assist function that stores the vehicle's route to the cloud. ZF explains that if the vehicle drives through the same route again, the system calculates the “optimum speed for approaching bend on the basis of these empirical data and actual vehicle data.”