It has been a year since the pandemic first affected the country. From community quarantines to lockdowns, the country has seen better days. Amid the setbacks the country continues to experience, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) has not stopped waiving countless toll fees for medical frontliners.

First implemented last March 2020, the scheme allows medical frontliners to seamlessly travel through SLEX, Star Tollway, Skyway, NAIAX, and TPLEX. With it, SMC said they have waived PHP 138 million since December 2020.

Now, the company has announced that they have now saved frontliners nearly PHP 200 million in toll fees. In a press statement, SMC said that they have waived PHP 190.7 million worth of toll fees from medical frontliners that pass through their expressways.

Currently, a total of 10,402 medical frontliners (doctors, nurses, lab technicians, and other medical experts), benefit from the program.

“One year on and the fight against COVID-19 continues. In fact, with this recent surge in cases, our medical front liners are again facing a difficult challenge, and their lives are again at higher risk. We are so grateful to them and proud that we have continued to help them and provided them this privilege of free toll fees for one whole year now,” said Ramon S. Ang, president of SMC.

Aside from providing frontliners with toll-free privilege, SMC also continues to help the medical sector directly. From donating PRC testing machines and testing kits, to temporary quarantine facilities as well as personal protective equipment (PPE) / medical supplies, the company vows to continue helping those in the medical field.

“Even while our medical front liners have already started receiving the vaccines, the threat of COVID-19 persists. It really falls on our collective shoulders to reduce the strain on our medical front liners and workers. We can all do our part and contribute. For us, it is through this program, and through our other initiatives that aim to keep our employees safe,” added Ang.

With the pandemic still affecting the country, Ang said that through the toll-free scheme for medical frontliners, he hopes that this will ease their burden as they continue to help those afflicted by the virus.

“We hope that at least, it has lightened their burden and that every day they go to work, they are reminded of how San Miguel and the whole country are grateful for their sacrifices,” said Ang.