Around three months ago, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) announced that they have waived a total of PHP 200 million in toll fees for medical frontliners. First implemented in March 2020, the scheme allows frontliners to travel seamlessly and free of charge through SLEX, Skyway, STAR Tollway, NAIAX, and TPLEX.

Today, SMC said that they have saved frontliners a total of PHP 230.7 million in toll fees. Specifically, the free toll program regularly benefits more than 10,000 medical frontliners from paying toll when using their expressways. Among the beneficiaries are doctors, nurses, as well as medical and laboratory technicians that reside in Metro Manila and the nearby provinces.

“We started this program last year, to show our appreciation and support for our hero medical workers who risk their lives every day to save others, despite the threat of COVID-19. More than one year has passed and they have accomplished so much in the fight against the pandemic. With most of them now vaccinated, we are honored to have stayed with them and supported them all this time, through this gesture of free toll,” said Ramon S. Ang, president of SMC.

SMC is the only toll operator that continues to implement the 'no toll fee' policy for all medical frontliners. Even as the country's vaccination program has begun, SMC says they will continue giving doctors, nurses, and medical technicians peace of mind when using their expressways.

Aside from its toll-free program for medical frontliners, SMC has also spent more than PHP 1 billion for medical-related donations and initiatives. These include the donation of RT-PCR testing machines, automated RNA extraction machines, personal protective equipment (PPE), and over a million liters of 70% ethyl alcohol to various hospitals around the country.

The company has also started hiring and deploying doctors and nurses to help local government units accelerate their vaccination programs to protect more Filipinos and boost economic recovery. Last but not least, SMC also donates fuel for the government’s Libreng Sakay program for medical workers.

“We will not stop looking for opportunities to help our fellow Filipinos. I believe if the private and government sectors continue to come together and pool resources and efforts, we can do even more good for our country and people, save more lives, and recover more quickly from the pandemic,” added Ang.