It seems like all the viral posts of haphazard parking, obstruction of ramps for persons with disability (PWD) and other traffic-related problems have not gone unnoticed by the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA).

The agency is taking the fight against traffic and the general lack of discipline on the road online by asking Filipinos on social media to take clear photos of the act or situation and tag the MMDA so that they may address the problem swiftly and decisively.

Called ‘Netizens' Watch’, the program will begin on December 8 and the MMDA hopes it can get the assistance it needs to cover the entire metro’s traffic problem, which include unauthorized road diggings, illegal sidewalk vendors, overextended road repairs and other issues that worsen the current traffic situation.

“The report should include the name of the sender and the actual picture including the detailed location where the illegally parked vehicle or the obstruction was spotted and the time when it was taken,” said MMDA Chairman Emerson Carlos.

Carlos also said during the launch that the 'Netizens' Watch' program aims to "muster the support of the public and private sectors in reporting to the agency [MMDA] all traffic obstructions in Metro Manila."

The MMDA Chairman adds that the public should be responsible 'netizens' in reporting traffic obstructions.

Simply post the photo on Twitter and tag the MMDA’s official Twitter account @MMDA or send it to the agency’s Viber account using the number 09061476975.

Upon receipt of the complaint online, the MMDA will validate the information before forwarding it to the Traffic Discipline Office (TDO) headed by Director Crisanto Saruca, which will then send agency personnel onsite to fix the problem.

Netizen’s Watch will also accept complaint against errant MMDA personnel on duty.

Subsequently, MMDA and police personnel is scheduled to comb through the Mabuhay Lanes from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily to ensure the routes are free of traffic obstructions.