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Solon wants to ban car horns on Sundays


Noise pollution and affects eardrums

Leyte Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez is proposing that honking of horns be banned during Sundays, calling it a 'No Busina Day' under House Bill 4252.

Gomez stated in her proposal, that unnecessary honking of horns by private and public vehicles be banned during Sundays because it is the day of worship for most Christian communities.

Moreover, Gomez also stated honking of horns generates noise pollution and affects the eardrums.


"The sensitivity of the human eardrums to noise is true not only in school and hospital zones, but elsewhere as well," Gomez said.

The bill is also meant to reduce the incidence of deafness among the Filipino people.

"The state must take earnest steps to reduce the incidence of deafness which is brought about in part by persistent exposure to inordinate levels of high decibel noise," Gomez added.

Under the proposed bill, a fine of Php500 will be imposed on the violator for every offense, and shall be paid to the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

With this, Gomez urges for the early consideration and passage of the bill.

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