This V12-powered Toyota Hilux cranks out 546 PS and 970 Nm of torque

We've seen some crazy builds recently, both locally and internationally. From a stainless owner-type jeep rocking a Honda S2000 engine to a V6-powered Mitsubishi Mirage, it seems people will go to great lengths to make their dream builds a reality.

But if you thought those first two were bonkers, this heavily modified Hilux might just have topped them. While it may look like just another tricked-out pick-up truck, this particular Hilux hides a very big secret under the hood. Instead of a modified turbo-diesel engine, this Hilux packs a 5.0-liter V12 derived from the Toyota Century. You read right, this pick-up now has eight more cylinders and produces around 280 PS and 481 Nm torque in its original form.

Someone actually built a twin-turbo V12 Toyota Hilux image

But the boys over at Fatboy Fab Works didn't stop by just swapping the V12 in. They decided to give it a boost in power with a pair of Garrett GT35 turbochargers. The result is an engine that now cranks out a meaty 546 horsepower and a whopping 970 Nm of torque. Compared to the V12's stock output ratings, the upgraded engine now makes 266 more horsepower and an additional 489 Nm of pulling power.

Despite the added power of the V12, this custom Hilux makes use of the Century's original four-speed automatic. Meanwhile, the brakes are still stock for now, but the shop does plan on replacing them with a more powerful system later on. Other upgrades on the Hilux include high-performance tires, new alloy wheels, and a lowered ride height.

Someone actually built a twin-turbo V12 Toyota Hilux image

But why did the shop decide to build a V12 Hilux in the first place? The super truck was the shop's entry for the famous Simola Hill Climb event in South Africa. The brainchild of Francois Fritz, owner of the South African-based shop, the pick-up originally had a 3.0-liter 1KD-FTV turbo-diesel when it first rolled off the factory in 2012. But seeing that they could cram in more horsepower and torque, they decided to swap out the inline-four diesel for a more powerful V12.

They managed to sign up the truck and were able to finish the hill climb event. But it looks like they're moving on from this beast of a Hilux as it's now up for sale.

If you have the chance to get this V12-powered Hilux, would you buy it? Let us know in the comments.