Tired of being stuck in traffic for hours on end? Why not take up cycling?

Unfortunately, cycling around the Metro can be rather hazardous. If it's not the erring motorists that might get you, it's the long term effects of getting blasted in the face by smoke belchers. You could even say that a fair chunk of Mega Manila isn't exactly friendly to cyclists.

So instead of risking it all on the road, someone has drawn up an unorthodox idea that might just work. Why not make an elevated road along EDSA and C5 for cyclists?

Someone drew up what elevated EDSA bicycle lanes would look like image

This idea was drawn up by Ed Lapiz and Ed Davad. They propose that these elevated cycling roads will be attached alongside the outside walls of MRT and LRT lines. They also suggested making use of light materials, as well as putting up shades to protect cyclists from the elements. On top of that, on and off-ramps will be placed at key locations. Think of it then as a highway network for those who take the bike.

Like a highway, no pedestrian will be allowed on that road. No vendors will be allowed there either to ensure a smooth flow of bike traffic. It has been proposed that security could be handled by respective local government units (LGU).

Someone drew up what elevated EDSA bicycle lanes would look like image

According to Lapiz, he has submitted this idea to cabinet secretaries, senators and congressmen. The question now is this: Will it actually gain traction? It sounds pretty ambitious, but it would be amazing if the government actually considers it.