Daddy Motor Works is swapping the 4A-GE for a three-cylinder turbo

We’ve seen a lot of crazy engine swaps over the years. One of the craziest ones is the Supra 2JZ-powered Toyota Innova. We even saw Daigo Saito fit the same motor into his GR Yaris drift machine last year.

Today, we have yet another crazy engine swap build in the works. This time, however, it’s not another JZ-swap. Instead, it’s a GR Yaris engine going into an 80s Toyota Corolla. Guess we found where the Daigo’s GR Yaris motor went.

The GR Yaris’ turbocharged three-cylinder motor won’t be going into just any Corolla. It’s being paired with the revered AE86 Corolla made famous by a tofu delivery boy. Granted it’s not a Trueno since it is a Levin, but I digress.

Japanese shop Daddy Motor Works is behind the GR Yaris engine swapped AE86. Oto-san, the shop owner, is using his AE86 for the project, previously used for drifting. Considering the age gap between the chassis and the motor, it won’t be a simple plug-and-play project. That said, Oto-san has a lot of work to do before his deadline approaches – the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon.

Most of the components will have to be custom fabricated in order for the three-cylinder turbocharged engine (called the G16E-GTS) to sit in the AE86’s engine bay. For starters, Oto-san will have to make a custom intake manifold to fit. Meanwhile, a Link standalone ECU will control the engine.

The rest of the drivetrain is sourced from other cars, most of which are Toyotas. The rear end comes from a Crown, the differential from an Altezza, and the manual transmission is sourced from a first-generation 86. Interestingly, the steering rack comes from a first-generation Mazda Miata.

Daddy Motor Works still has over half a year to finish the project, and we’re excited at the outcome. Once complete, it will undoubtedly be the talk of the town at the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see it in person by then.