Last year, Ford Philippines General Manager Bertrand Lessard announced that they axed plans of officially bringing in the limited-run Ford GT.

With the exclusive list of people in line for the new GT and the high prices, the thought of someone bringing Ford's new supercar to our country seems a bit farfetched. Pair that with the long waiting list for a limited run of 500 units and Ford’s strict contract prohibiting the owner from selling the vehicle for at least 24 months, it’s safe to say that we may not see Ford’s latest halo car on Philippine soil anytime soon.

Someone is selling a 2018 Ford GT... in the Philippines

In an uncanny post from one Facebook user however, it appears that not only is there a Ford GT on local shores – it’s also up for sale.

Details on this particular unit are scarce, with the only two photos posted having the background severely blurred and only exposing the unit itself. The GT, dressed in white with twin dark blue stripes, appears to be parked in a closed garage next to other vehicles; Perhaps this is a telling sign that the Ford GT is indeed tucked away somewhere in the country.

Of course, a bold sale like this channeled through a lone post on social media can raise many red flags on its own. Chief among these is the fact that Ford makes buyers sign a binding contract that prevents them from directly selling the Ford GT to another party. It’s no mere threat too; Ford has filed a complaint against pro wrestler John Cena for breaking the aforementioned agreement by flipping his 2017 GT after a couple of weeks of ownership. Another 2017 Ford GT was auctioned off by Mecum Auctions just last month with only 7 miles on the odometer.

Someone is selling a 2018 Ford GT... in the Philippines

All told, the listing prices Ford’s latest supercar at a staggering Php 59,000,000 (roughly $1.1 Million). The base price for a 2017 Ford GT was confirmed at $450,750. Will we see this GT change hands any time soon?