Last week, the world finally saw the fourth-generation Honda Jazz when it was revealed at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show. Having a less sporty look, reception regarding its design was very mixed.

Some liked that Honda made the hatchback have a friendlier-looking exterior. Meanwhile, others said that it is not as sporty as before and is quite lackluster compared to its predecessor.

How did the internet respond? Well right after its reveal, several netizens decided to spruce up the Jazz's looks by making it look like the FK8 Civic Type R, as well as making a Spoon version of the new hatchback.

More recently, however, Instagram user 'ibennylee' of Benny Motorsport Artwork and Graphic Design, decided to make a more realistic 'Spoon' version of the all-new Jazz, and it looks very promising. Wearing the signature blue and yellow color scheme, along with a sporty body kit and wheels, the hatchback does appear sportier with the additional extras.

It still somewhat sports the familiar front bumper and grille derived from the Civic Type R, but with the aftermarket wheels, tricked suspension, an array of stickers, and Bride bucket seats inside, the attention to detail brings this render closer to reality.

Will Spoon actually make a sportier version of the all-new Jazz in the future, however? With the tuning shop yet to reveal their own creation, we may have to wait a little longer before they could actually get their hands on one. But if this render is anything to go by, it only means that fans of the hatchback do want to trick out and modify their own Jazz in the not so distant future.

Here's to hoping it makes its way to the Philippines sooner than later.