It won't be long now until we finally get to see the return of the Mitsubishi L300 on Philippine roads. After a brief disappearance from the market, the workhorse is set to receive a Euro4 upgrade, as well as a bump in power output.

We already got to see what it will supposedly look like after the automaker previewed it last April 2019. Like its predecessor, it still looks relatively the same apart from some key design changes here and there. But while we still get the classic look from before, over in Taiwan, the L300 has received a major makeover.

Whether you love it or loathe it, the new look does give the workhorse a distinct appearance from every angle. With that in mind, how will our L300 look like if it has a similar design to the one offered in Taiwan? That's what Klinton Ang just did when he sent us rendered images of the PH-spec L300 wearing the new looks.

Someone rendered what the 2019 Mitsubishi L300 should look like image

According to Ang, he wanted to give the classic L300 a bit of a modern redesign. In addition, he rendered two variants of the 'new-look' L300. First up is the base model which gets 15-inch steelies, a plastic Dynamic Shield front grill, as well as new halogen headlights. Meanwhile, the top-of-the-line version gets a more upscale finish. Stylish 18-inch alloy adorn the wheel wells, while the Dynamic Shield gets a chrome finish. It also gets a neat pair of LED foglights which further enhances the L300's snazzy appearance.

Also, if you did not noticed earlier, Ang also changed the side mirror caps as well as the door handles on the L300. “I also updated the door handles to make it more new and changed the 90’s looking side mirrors to something more modern,” added Ang.

While the new look of the L300 over in Taiwan is not to everyone's tastes, at least Mitsubishi decided to update the workhorse's appearance anyway. And as to how it looks on the PH-spec L300, I have to say that despite its unconventional looks, I have to commend Ang's skill for actually making it work. But knowing that most folks prefer the classic looks, it is highly unlikely that Mitsubishi Philippines will ever offer it here.

Someone rendered what the 2019 Mitsubishi L300 should look like image

The Euro4 L300 will be powered by a new 2.2-liter 4N14 turbo-diesel. No exact output ratings have been released yet but it will supposedly produce 40% more power and will be 10% more fuel efficient. A five-speed manual column-shift gearbox will be the lone transmission option for the L300. In terms of size, it will reportedly measure 4260mm long, 1695mm wide, 1895mm tall and have a 2350mm wheelbase.

There will be two variants available upon launch; the Cab & Chassis model and the new Exceed. The former will apparently retail for Php 822,000 while the latter may have a sticker price of Php 998,000. However, there's a Php 52,000 discount that buyers can avail at authorized dealers. That means prices could start at a very competitive Php 770,000 for the Cab & Chassis while the Exceed might begin at Php 946,000.

The 2019 L300 is set to make its local debut very soon.