Mitsubishi has been gaining a lot of momentum in the past couple of years. The Montero Sport has consistently been one of the brand's best-sellers, and the Xpander has boosted sales even more. Now, it looks like Mitsubishi may have another hit on their hands with yet another upcoming model.

Son of L300: Next-gen Mitsubishi Delica leaked

The snoops over at Indian Autos Blog have the scoop on the next-generation Mitsubishi Delica, and they have the photos to back it up. According to them, these photos are leaked from the Japanese brochure and could indeed be the production model.


Son of L300: Next-gen Mitsubishi Delica leaked

Given Mitsubishi's current design language, there are no surprises as to what the front looks like. It follows the Xpander and Montero Sport's lead with its wide, bold grill and bumper-mounted headlights. As for the sides, it retains the upright flanks, as well as the sliding door. There are no photos of the rear just yet, but it is likely to be as boxy as the previous generation. Oddly enough, Mitsubishi retained the D:5 name, even if this is the sixth-generation model.

Son of L300: Next-gen Mitsubishi Delica leaked

It also looks like there will be two versions of the Delica that will be offered once launched. There are no names of the variants just yet but one has body kit and sits lower to the ground and the other, with more ground clearance. Engine range is also yet to be determined but it is likely a mix of gas and turbodiesel units. However, Indian Autos Blog did say that it could come with an eight-speed automatic transmission, much like the Montero Sport.

As the Delica D5 was not introduced in the Philippines, there might not be a chance for this new one to make its way here. However, nothing is set in stone just yet, allowing a slim possibility for it to be sold here.

Source: Indian Autos Blog