SONAX, a leading brand in high tech and innovative car care products, recently set up shop in Manila.

The company's products -ranging from state of the art paintwork care, tough cleaners, high tech lubricants and more- cater to the discerning car enthusiast who only desire the very best for his/her car.

SONAX is a family owned business, and produces a wide variety of specialist chemicals for car care. Based in Germany, every SONAX product is manufactured at their factories, with none being subcontracted to other companies to ensure quality. Currently, SONAX serves as the official supplier of car care equipment for various motorsports outfits including Red Bull Racing.


During the official launch of their products, SONAX -through Waido, their local exclusive distributor as well as ARC Automotive, their first pilot dealership- demonstrated the capabilities of their high tech Profiline and Xtreme range of paintwork care solutions. Jeremy Ong of SONAX Asia was on hand to perform the tech talk and demo.

The Singapore-based Ong was personally conducting the training of the technicians at ARC Automotive (along Pasong Tamo), showing them the correct techniques for applying waxes and the other auto detailing products of SONAX. He was also keen on demonstrating the wheel cleaners that chemically separates stubborn brake dust that accumulate over time.


“We are taking a keen look and paying close attention to the training of our local dealers when it comes to applying SONAX to any car,” said Ong. “Our products need to be applied with the right techniques and attention to detail to ensure the best results for our customers.

As of now, all SONAX products are available at ARC Automotive, their pilot dealer. The distributor will be expanding their reach as soon as other outlets get the proper training and techniques just right.