A few days ago, Sony surprised the electronic world (and the motoring public) when they revealed the Vision S Concept. The sleek four-door essentially showcased Sony's wide array of high-tech features and gizmos right in the comfort of an automobile. Not only that, the vehicle itself is solely powered by electricity.

With high-tech electric cars and fuel efficient hybrids all the rage today, could it be that the Vision S Concept is Sony's way of saying “We will be building cars soon”? Sadly that is not the case as a company executive has stated that the company will not be delving in the auto industry...yet.

Sony: No, we

According to Izumi Kawanishi, Executive Officer of Sony Robotics Business (who also led the Vision S Concept project), the car in itself is Sony's contribution to the evolution of cars. “The possibility that Sony will become a car maker is not at the moment,” said Kawanishi. He also added that  the Vision S only shows the paradigm shift of mobility, stating that cars are no longer just transportation vehicles but they are now also packed with cutting-edge tech that provide entertainment, safety, as well as convenience.

So does this mean we will not see the Vision S hit the road any time soon and that it will only be a showcase of technology by Sony? Not exactly. Sony plans to have the car running on public roads some time this year. In fact, the company is looking to meet the safety standards (as well as have the license plates) for the Vision S in Japan, US, and Europe by the end of the year.

Sony: No, we

So while Sony may not be tapping into the automotive market just yet, they are highly considering it given the fact that they want to have the Vision S out on public roads soon, while also meeting the necessary requirements.

However, Kawanishi said that the Vision S right now is positioned as an experpimental vehicle. “What Sony can do with a car. The concept is to create a space where you can relax and enjoy the ultimate in safety and security. Is it possible, but not before the mass production design is final. At the moment, the safety standards are not met and license plates cannot be obtained. However, it will be acquired in Japan, the United States and Europe by the end of this year,” added Kawanishi.

Sony: No, we

With Sony sounding more like it wants to tap into the automotive business, perhaps the Vision S will be their pioneer vehicle. Here's to hoping Sony can make the jump from just making electronics to manufacturing vehicles in the not so distant future.

Source: Impress Watch